with my kids can often leave me flustered, both in good ways and exhausting ways.  Today, I had an interesting conversation over lunch with my 7-year-old that left me chuckling and feeling a little sorry for myself...

Squirrel: Mom, did you take a shower?

Me (thinking to myself, "Why would she ever think that?  I never get a chance to take a shower!"): No.  Why do you ask?

Squirrel: Because your hair looks wet.

Me (thinking to myself, "My hair probably looks wet because it's a bad case of 3-day-oil build up since I haven't had a chance to take a shower in, well...3 days!!!): No, my hair is not wet.
Kids just say the darndest things!!!

So, I decided to run up stairs and snap a picture of my recently-cleaned master-bedroom shower so you can see what I've been missing.  And I have been missing it!!! One look at my hair would clue you in!!!

Oh, it's so pretty and clean!  I just cleaned it 2 days ago because it was in desperate of my attention.  It's like having a 5th child (well, not really because I only have to attend to it every two-weeks or so). 

On a side note, glass showers are the PITS to clean!!!  I've Rain-x'ed this one and it gets squeegeed after each use. The combination of those two steps have helped IMMENSELY with soap scum! 

Ahhhhh...I wish I were in there right now...

Maybe in another day or two!

PS - So, who would have thunk that the first picture I share of my house on my new blog is of the master bathroom, which is the LAST room of the house I would have shared if I were trying to impress anyone!  See, I'm turning over a new leaf!

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