It was just 2 days ago

that I watched my 7 year old cast aside her training wheels and graduate to riding a two-wheeler.  The sweet, little child didn't even give me one second to adjust to the grown-up moment that was unfolding right before my eyes, which I was not the least bit prepared for!  How dare she grow up on me so quickly!!!

Well, my son has now done the same thing and I am speechless.

Today, while I was searing a pork tenderloin on the stove, heating a pot of water to boil some broccoli, monitoring a 3-year-old in the shower, all the while unloading the dishwasher, my grown-up daughter bounds into the kitchen to tell me that Easy is riding HER know, the one without training wheels!  

If she would have come in to tell me that my son took his light saber and threw it up on the top of our 2-story roof while re-enacting a scene from Star Wars or telling me that he threw a rock into Ms. Harriett's window or that he was terrorizing our sweet neighbor-girls across the street, I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised.

But this child, who I just birthed last week (or so it seems...) decided today that he wanted to ride a bike without training wheels.  I mean, it was just 2 days ago where he refused to even try! He was just starting to get used to riding a scooter!  And he only rode the scooter if he had his helmet on!

And today?  TODAY!?!?!?!?  This...

I had moved the pork off the stove, turned the heat down on the water, and left The Ster in bathroom rubbing a bar of blue Dial soap over the floor of the shower.  I grabbed my camera, checking to make sure the card was in the slot, and ran outside to take a few pictures before he decided he was done.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the Kleenex with me.

I was just shocked that this baby-turned-boy-turning-youth...was doing such a big-guy thing.  I was simply unprepared.

 He asked me if I could take the training wheels off his bike, but as I thought of the pork and of the shower floor getting grimier by the second, and of the water yet to boil, I had to say no.  Hence, the Hello Kitty bicycle in these pictures and not his super-cool HotWheels bike.

He doesn't seem to mind...

First thing tomorrow morning, the training wheels will come off, I told him (which he reminded me of at bed time that he expects it to happen!).

I told my husband today that there has just been too much growing up in my house this week.  In the past 5 days, the following has happened:

1.  Squirrel lost her 2nd tooth
2.  We started our 3rd year of homeschool (Squirrel in 2nd grade, Easy in K5)
3.  Squirrel rode her bike without training wheels
4.  Squirrel and Easy went to their first day at a local Homeschool Academy
5.  The Ster dropped a training wheel on his bike to prepare for riding a two-wheeler
6.  Easy rode his bike sans training wheel.

My Baby hasn't changed much, thank heavens.  Well, except that he's starting to throw tantrums now because he REALLLY wants to talk to me and tell me what he wants, but I can't understand him. And because I don't understand his "uhs" and "dis" and "dat" and "bahs", he throws himself on the floor in frustration and distress.  No big deal... (ha!)

Oh, life is SOO SOO SOO funny!!!

I was JUST SAYING to myself last week how time was DRAAAGGGGINNNG.

I was so deceived!

Time is FLYING.

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