One of my goals

in homeschooling is having all the kids to work together in harmony.  This goal is often ambitious because I can usually get the kids to work together against their will, with or without loud moans of complaint.  Or, they will sometimes work together on their own volition but it is often not harmonious.  Any combination of the two of them working together often produces a sweet melody, but the three of them accomplishing some task usually yields some sort of shrill tune.

Today, though, I saw a glimmer of harmonization between these three precious notes.

 As I was putting my baby to bed, I promised the kids they could watch a video after I was done tucking the little one in for his afternoon nap.  The boys, needless to say, are super excited whenever they have a slice of hope to enjoy some screen time.  My daughter, on the other hand, is not as lured into the temptation of the screen and often enjoys a more hands-on project.

So while I took my tired baby up to bed, Squirrel began to work on one of the many learning activities I have in abundance in the homeschool room. The boys must have been intrigued because when I came downstairs, the three older kids were joyfully completing this magnetic mosaic activity that had been collecting dust for many, many  months in the depths of the game closet. I recently trasferred it to the homeschool cabinet and Squirrel discovered it today.  Instead of fighting over who got to play with it, they all worked together completing a mosaic as if they were a machine, well-oiled.

One would say "I'll find all the colors for the number 8".

The other would say "Oh, you're doing a great job!  You need just one more number 3!"

And another would say "Could you please help me find a number 2?" to which another would respond "Of course I will help you!"

It was one of those moments that I said a brief prayer of thanksgiving to God for allowing me to see some harmony between these precious kids. When my kids choose peace over strife, it always give me hope that they really know what it means to be kind to others.

After they completed their project, they come up with a name for their little dog.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do me the honor of introducing to you Sparkles Buster Moss.

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