The Larsens

When we moved to Greenville last year, I never imagined that I would blessed with some great neighbors!  Lori and her girls live across the street from us and I'm very thankful for not only a friend in Lori, but playmates for my daughter.  Lori is a fellow homeschool mom and though we both stay busy with our own schedules, I feel a kinship with her, even though we don't get to fellowship as often as we'd like.

Lori asked me weeks ago if I would take a few pictures of her and the girls.  We FINALLY got around to it this past weekend.  I love the way these images bring out the personalities in the girls - Emma, laid back yet passionate; and Megan - an up and coming diva! I'm so thankful for this sweet family.


  1. You are welcome!!! It was such fun!!!

  2. So sweet - it looks like the girls really enjoyed having a photoshoot with you, Mel. :-) You got some truly lovely shots. I hope your friendship as neighbors continues to grow!!