We had

our family photo shoot this past weekend, in preparation for Christmas cards.  I spent at least an hour going through all our closets, trying to find the best coordinating outfits as possible, all the while keeping in mind the colors I wanted to match the room where the photograph would be displayed (neutral colors, soft blues with a hint of gold and pink). 

I asked Patrick and the kids to put on their outfits for the shoot, calling over my shoulder to them as if they would know to go into my room, find their shirt/pants I had laid out for them, and put them on accordingly.  Well, that didn't happen!  My Evster decided HE want to choose what HE was going to wear and I about fell over laughing when I saw the outfit he came up with for our photo shoot. 

I couldn't help taking a few frames of this little guy.  He thought he looked good...and he did!  And needless to say, I made him go upstairs and change.

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