Whenever I am able to photograph a newborn, I focus on how intricate the handiwork of God is.  When He forms a living being in his or her mother's womb, he makes each little toe and each little finger unique amongst the billions of feet and hands in this world.  As I take each frame of a newborn snugly sleeping or even with eyes wide open, I'm amazed at the wonder of how much joy is found in such a tiny bundle.  This joy not only exists in the breast of her parents, but also in the heart of The Creator who made such exquisite artwork. I'm thankful that I was able to capture this sweet little face as well as her hands, eyes, hair, toes, etc. all for the glory of her Creator who formed her, and for her parents who love her.

Sweet Elyse lives next door to me.  She and her older brother will be my children's playmates.  They will create memories with her.  They will make her laugh, and probably make her cry on an occasion or two.  Her mother and I will watch these children grow and marvel at how God's will unfolds in the lives of these precious ones.

Welcome to the world, Elyse.

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