Photo-a-Day 2014: Day 20

This is a personal project I commence in January where I take a photograph of my children each day. This exercise stretches me as a photographer, as a mother, and as a journalist. This is my 3rd year on this project and I hope to continue it as the years pass. Day 20
We spent half of our day today enjoying the unseasonable 60 degree weather.  My #1 and my #3 child were buddies today.  One of Mallory's school items was to spend time with Evan.  They decided to go outside and play while Ethan finished up his schoolwork.  Whenever I can get these two alone, they usually have a splendid time with each other. 

I did not have to force them into this position.  They willingly wanted to do this.  I'm so glad they have a sweet least *some* of the time.

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