Photo-a-Day 2014: Day 22

This is a personal project I commence in January where I take a photograph of my children each day. This exercise stretches me as a photographer, as a mother, and as a journalist. This is my 3rd year on this project and I hope to continue it as the years pass.
Day 22
My 7-year-old is a delight.  I'm just so very, very thankful for her.  She's not only lovely on the outside, but she has a genuine heart that seeks to please.  She's an encourager and a kindred soul to anyone who she chooses to befriend.  She's sensitive and gets her fragile feelings hurt easily, but she's a forgiver and she'll quickly forget.

She's my helper.  She voluntarily folded laundry for me tonight while I was at Bible Study.  She wants to learn to cook so she can let me have more free time.  She's a thinker and she's not afraid to speak what's on her mind, even if she might be incorrect.  She's not afraid to argue a point when she knows she's right (and she's right a lot of the time).  She has an amazing memory and can remember happenings and dates from events long past.

She's not really the athletic type, yet she has great balance and is very agile.  She enjoys watching basketball and football, but has no desire to play; she'd rather create her own sport, make the rules, and have others play her game.

I like to play Skip-Bo with her.  She's very good and often wins, that is if she doesn't day dream throughout the game about what happens in "her world".

She's a 7-year-old who acts like a 7-year-old.  She doesn't wish for the responsibility of what is to come with age; if anything, she pines for what has past.  She is loving her childhood and I'm thankful.  I have purposefully attempted to make our life not too busy so that the kids can have the opportunity to be kids.

My daughter is my delight.

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