Photo-a-Day 2014: Day 28

This is a personal project I commence in January where I take a photograph of my children each day. This exercise stretches me as a photographer, as a mother, and as a journalist. This is my 3rd year on this project and I hope to continue it as the years pass.
Day 28
It snowed today.  The kids think it is glorious, and it certainly is glorious to look at, but it is SO NOT glorious to clean up after it!

They spent about an hour and a half playing in it while Adam napped.  They had a grand time traipsing around in it, getting all wet and muddy in the processes.  I sat inside and sipped a warm cup of coffee while "listening for Adam" on the monitor.

See, I'm clever that way.


  1. heh heh. You are clever, Mama. Liam and I looked at the snow through the window, but I didn't take him out in it. I mean, he's 3 months old; all he can do is get cold anyway. It's good that the kids had fun together with the snow. If I remember correctly, you & Mal & Ads were in Elberton with us the last February when in snowed in Greenville, weren't you? I seem to recall Patrick and the middle boys were playing in the snow.

  2. Yes, you are correct. This is the first time in a LOOOONNNG time that Mallory saw snow. They had a fabulous time, though it was a lot of work for me!!! Love ya, sister!