Photo-a-Day 2014: Day 6

On Mondays, my older 2 kids go to school while I stay home with the two younger ones.  I usually run a few errands with the little boys, going to places I would much rather take 2 children than all four, like Aldi, Goodwill, or Costco.  We stay out for a while, come home and eat an easy lunch.  I put Ads to bed and then Evan and I spend about 30 minutes together before I let him loose on the iPad.

Day 6
This is about the only time through the whole week where he gets sole possession of this technology.  He rarely gets to spend time on it ALONE.  He loves to sack out on my bed, keep his telepods close by and have at-it playing a bit of Angry Birds Star Wars.

I love this kid. 

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