Photo-a-Day 2014: Day 9

This is a personal project I commence in January where I take a photograph of my children each day. This exercise stretches me as a photographer, as a mother, and as a journalist. This is my 3rd year on this project and I hope to continue it as the years pass.

Day 9

Since the first of this year, these two have developed quite a sweet relationship.  Beforehand, she used to get in his face and make whiny sounds, to which he responded with his own whiny sounds and a good hair yank.  She always wondered if he liked her.  He often ran from her.

But recently, they have been playing SO MUCH together where Ads now seeks out his "Sissy" and asks her to play.  She builds him trains, they play hide and seek, she reads him books, he gives her hugs, etc.  He now cries harder when she has schoolwork to do and can't build him a new "choo-choo".  Today, they went outside to play together and they were inseparable.  My heart was full of joy as I watched them swing together, go down the slide together, push the bulldozer around together, roll in the grass together, and  Together.

I hope that this bond will continue through this honeymoon phase they are in, because these two just can't get enough of each other!!!


  1. So sweet.... I hope it continues too!!! Hugs & kisses from Aunt Amanda.

  2. Thank you for your faithful comments! We looked at some of your FB pictures of Liam today with the kids. They love him. :-) Miss you!