Photo-a-Day 2014: Day 4

This is a personal project I commence in January where I take a photograph of my children each day.  This exercise stretches me as a photographer, as a mother, and as a journalist.  This is my 3rd year on this project and I hope to continue it as the years pass.

 Ethan has become a star Lego builder.  He spends quite a bit of his playtime putting together Lego creations.  He creates his own masterpieces with a box of extra Legos Patrick has collected over the years as well as various other sets we've bought for him over the last several months.

In this picture, he's building this set, the Scorpion, specifically.  He also received this for Christmas and put it together in 2 days with minimal help from me or Patrick.  We've set up a table in his room where he can build with Legos until his heart is content.  He usually listens to books or music on his iPod while he does it.   It's fun to watch him.

Day 4

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