Liam is 6 months!

I was so thrilled to have my sister and Liam come all the way to Greenville, SC from southern GA to visit me for the day!  (Oh, and my brother-in-law came too; can't forget him!!!).  :-) They were on Spring Break and came up for a quick visit while staying the week at my parent's house in Elberton, GA.

I can't believe it's only be a few short months since his newborn photoshoot!!! And it had been since Christmas since I had seen this little guy.  It was TOO LONG!!!  I can understand how hard it was for my sister to see her niece and nephews only every so often.  It's NOT FUN!  But, I soak up the moments while they last, just like I did for this visit.  I told Amanda that I wanted to take some pictures of Liam.  I so LOVE taking pictures of babies and it was a blessing for me to be able to take these pictures, as my own kids have quickly grown out of this phase. It IS true what they say: this time DOES go by fast! I didn't believe it at first, but now that my own baby is 2, I see the truth!  Taking pictures of sweet babies is a balm for me; it's a gift the Lord has given me to enjoy for myself and for His glory.


I loved serving my sister in taking these images.  Photographs capture such sweet memories.  Some of my greatest treasures in the world are images and I love giving these sort of treasures to others.

He will be officially adopted in just a few short days!!! It will be SO WONDERFUL to have the hurdle of legalism over!

Sweet, sweet Liam, oh, how the Lord has used you for such great joy in our family!  Happy 1/2 birthday to Liam and his Mommy and Daddy!  I love you all!

Web_Liam_6months_08 Web_Liam_6months_25 Web_Liam_6months_07 Web_Liam_6months_06 Web_Liam_6months_05 Web_Liam_6months_04 Web_Liam_6months_02 Web_Liam_6months_24 Web_Liam_6months_10 Web_Liam_6months_11 Web_Liam_6months_13 Web_Liam_6months_14 Web_Liam_6months_15 Web_Liam_6months_16 Web_Liam_6months_17 Web_Liam_6months_18 Web_Liam_6months_26 Web_Liam_6months_01 Web_Liam_6months_19 Web_Liam_6months_20 Web_Liam_6months_21 Web_Liam_6months_22 Web_Liam_6months_27 Web_Liam_6months_23


  1. Love love love!!!!!!! Can't wait to look at all of them again!!! How is it possible that he is almost 1/2 a year old? Wow. Time is a-flying.

    It was so much fun having lunch with Patrick and your family, spending some time with all of our "littles". Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. I'm glad it is such fun for you to photograph our precious boy and other precious children in your life!

  2. I'm so glad you like them, Amanda!!! I was just about to text you! I will make sure that you get the files ASAP. I'll send you a message tomorrow. If you want me to order some for you from a pro lab, let me know. You'll like the pro lab SOOO MUCH more that your local big box lab. TRUST ME!!!! Love ya!