My Hysterectomy Story: The ER Visit

I had spent over 24 hours in pain during our Christmas visit to my parents house.  The pain was in my lower abdomen and I figured that it was from my overly-large Uterine Fibroids. The pain was so intense that I had decided to go to the ER to get some answers and relief.  My sister offered to take me to the ER while Patrick took the kids home and got them settled after the trip.  And let me tell you, the trip was SO MUCH MORE manageable with the help of my sister!  She really stepped up when I needed her.

The 1.5 hour trip to Greenville was challenging; I was trying to get comfortable and was quasi-successful in that, but like I said before, it just hurt to sit!  So, I had to focus on the conversation my sister kept up with me in order to ignore the pain.  Once we got to the ER, Amanda dropped me off at the door, parked, and came in with her ER stash (she is a PRO at ER visits since she takes care of her aging mother-in-law, who has had her fair share of ER visits):  a book, snacks, big drink and my pillow.  I questioned the choice of bringing in my pillow to this germ-infested place and she said to trust her because pillows are few and far between in an ER and she knew I would want the pillow once I got in the hospital bed.

And boy, was she right!!!!  Once we endured the waiting room, I was taken back to a room to be evaluated and lo and behold, there was not a pillow on the bed.  And once I did climb into the bed, I wanted a pillow to get comfortable, just like Amanda had predicted.  And she had my pillow right there for me.  I was so grateful!!!!  

The ER nurses took good care of me and kept asking me how I felt.   Amanda had previously told me to be flat-out honest with the staff about the amount of pain I was in; she told me not to say my pain was a 5 on a scale of 1-10 when my pain was really a 9 or 10. 

So that's what I did. I told the nurses and the doctors my pain was a 9-10.

Once I was settled, I was evaluated by the doctor-on-call, who happened to be an orthopedic specialist. I explained to the doctor my new diagnosis of Uterine Fibroids just a few weeks prior and that I suspected that was where my pain came from.  He gently prodded and poked my belly, which was VERY sensitive, and went to order an ultrasound, which he couldn’t do because the ultrasound tech had left for the day (sound familiar?). We also discussed testing for appendicitis, which he would order if I wanted, but he said that my symptoms did not fully point to that problem. After discussing the information with Patrick via phone, we agreed that we wouldn't proceed with the tests.

The ER doc reluctantly told me that he could do a pelvic exam on me (remember, he was an orthopedic specialist!!!).  I told him I was scheduled to see my OB/GYN in a few days for an exam so I didn’t think that was necessary (he looked a bit relieved!!!).   He went ahead and called my OB/GYN and discussed my care with her before he made any decisions on how to proceed.  In the meantime, the nurses got me some pain meds and a handful of prescriptions to take to the pharmacy. The Ortho Doc and the OB/GYN eventually agreed that it was just best to manage my pain and send me on my way, with the promise to see my OB/GYN in a few days.

Relieved to be home and in my own bed, I spent the next 3 days popping a cocktail of pain medications, awaiting my third visit to the OB/GYN on the 30th of December.


  • I was served. No questions asked.
  • I had relief from pain.
  • I knew beforehand that I had uterine fibroids and I did not have to go through a serious of unnecessary tests to find out my issues
  • I was already scheduled to see my OB/GYN again in a few days so there was already a plan in place. I just needed to rest.


  1. Seeing the good addendum:
    - I got to spend one-on-one time with my sister. That is always a treat these days!!
    - We experienced the phenomenon of humbly accepting medical care from a doctor and nurse decidedly younger than ourselves (I didn't know we were old enough to do that!!!).
    - You & Patrick both slept better knowing it was not appendicitis that was causing your pain.
    - Candy!!!

    1. Yes, those are all good things, especially your first point! :-)