My Hysterectomy Story: The Fourth Appointment and More Opinions

By the time I had come to February 4, 2016, the appointment at the 2nd OB/GYN practice to receive another opinion about my surgery, I had been to 3 appointments, the ER once, and suffered from anxiety, which I finally overcame after cancelling my abdominal hysterectomy.

Before this highly anticipated appointment, I made sure that the new doctor I was going to see had all of my records from Dr. H back in TN and Dr. J, who was the first OB/GYN I saw in Greenville, and all my ultrasound images.  I wanted to make sure I did not have to reschedule anything due to my lack of preparedness!!!  Everything was set by the time February 2 rolled around.

On the day of my appointment, Patrick took off from work so he could go with me and my parents drove into town to watch the kids.  Oh, the support I was receiving filled my cup!  I was so thankful for the sacrifice of these precious people.

The doctor I was scheduled to see, Dr. B, was extremely nice and calmly listened to my story.  He asked me a series of questions and made sure he understood what I wanted to know: was I eligible for a minimally invasive surgery.  After taking my history and examining me, he gave me his opinion, which was this:

  • After his analysis of the ultrasound, my fibroids were bigger than I was originally told: they were 11cm, 6cm and 6cm.  That’s pretty much a large grapefruit and 2 small oranges growing in my uterus!
  • And speaking of which, my uterus was the size of a 16-17 week pregnancy (!!!!!)
  • Based on my medical history, he did not feel that I was at risk of cancer and that an MRI and an oncologist on-call were not necessary for my case (the only way to truly tell if my fibroid was cancerous is through a pathology report after the hysterectomy).
  • He felt that with the size of my fibroids and uterus, a vaginal hysterectomy (the least invasive of hysterectomies) was out of the question for his practice or any of his local colleagues.
  • He felt that with the positioning of my fibroids, a laparoscopic hysterectomy would not be a good fit for me.
  • Though regular laparoscopy would not work for my case, there was a newer robotic-assisted laparoscopy that may work for me and that one of his colleagues was an expert on the robotics procedure.  He wanted to see if we would allow this doctor, Dr. S, to evaluate me to see if I was a candidate for the robotic-assisted laparoscopy.  Otherwise, the abdominal hysterectomy would the best procedure for my case.

After the assessment by Dr. B, we agreed to see Dr. S to get his opinion.  So, Dr. B stepped out of the room and spoke to Dr. S about my case.  Dr. S came into the exam room and heard a brief rundown of my history and proceeded with an examination.  After his assessment, he gave me his opinion, which was this:

  • The size and positioning of my fibroids and uterus would, in fact, allow him to do the robotic-assisted laparoscopy.  He had performed over 200 procedures with the robotic machine and all but one were successful (on that one, he proceeded with an abdominal hysterectomy). He thought my procedure would be successful, too.

Oh, I was so grateful to hear this news!  Dr. S told me that if I agreed with the procedure, he would have a scheduler call me and get my surgery on the books.  I agreed!  I left the 2-hour appointment with the promise of a MIVS and a light heart. There was grace in this!!!  I tell you what, God is totally in this!!!   I clearly see grace in my life with a hysterectomy on the horizon!!!

On the way home from the appointment, Patrick and I chuckled at the amount of doctors that have examined me or given me advice in the prior weeks over my large Fibroid:
  1. Opinion 1: Dr. J at the first OB/GYN practice who helped me make the discovery
  2. Opinion 2: Dr. H from TN who encouraged me to seek a second opinion
  3. Opinion 3: Dr. B at second OB/GYN practice who referred me to his colleague for a specialized MIVS
  4. Opinion 4: Dr. S who told me I would be a good candidate for Assisted Robotic Laparoscopy and was willing to perform the surgery for me

I told Patrick that this whole situation I was reminded me of that episode of Friends where Ross finds a “Thing” on his rear-end and when he went to have the “Thing” checked out, the doctor called in all his colleagues to see it.  That’s been me!  I was TOTALLY Ross!!!

***Watch from about 2:07 - 2:37, which is the part that I can relate to, but the whole video is funny!!!


  • My parents came to watch the kids so Patrick and I could attend the appointment together
  • The 2nd OB/GYN I saw, Dr. B, thoroughly listened to my concerns and directed me to the doctor who would best meet my health goals, even when it wasn't him.
  • The 3rd OB/GYN I saw, Dr. S, told me that I was a candidate for MIVS and he gladly took my case.
  • I am able to see comedy in my situation. :-)

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