My Hysterectomy Story: My Symptoms

I never really noticed any major symptoms of having a bum uterus until that day in early December when I felt The Bulge right above my pubic bone in my lower abdomen.  After googling information about what the mass could be and learning what it really was in my second OB appointment, I started to reflect on how I’d been feeling and began to pin-point symptoms that I had been feeling that could be related to The Thing..

The most common symptom, from what I have learned through research, is heavy and/or prolonged menstrual bleeding.  What is considered “heavy bleeding” is usually determined by the amount of tampons/pads a woman went through during her cycle.  For me, this was hard to gauge because I haven’t used tampons or pads for at least 2 years; I have been using a menstrual cup (I will share more about The Cup in another post; it deserves recognition on its own).  

Because of The Cup, I don’t know how many pads I would be soaking or tampons I’d be going through during my cycle and therefore did not know if I could classify my bleeding as “heavy”.  I haven’t overflowed The Cup at all because I clean it according to package directions.  So I really don’t know if I am experiencing “heavy bleeding” (though the fact that I do have minor anemic symptoms makes me think that my bleeding is some-what heavy).  Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids I know I am experiencing include:

  1. It seems I have a constant belly-ache, with the pain level ranging from mild to severe.  This has gotten worse since December.
  2. I get sharp pains in my lower abdomen randomly, especially when I sneeze or cough
  3. My legs ache
  4. My back aches
  5. I get very, very tired, especially in the late-morning and mid-afternoon.  This occurs daily.
  6. I have to pee a lot! And...
  7. I leak (hello Poise pads!!!)
  8. I feel some pressure on my rectum and my bowels can often be wonky.
  9. Some sexual positions are painful.  And it can hurt even more if I am sexually active on consecutive nights or every-other-day.
  10. I have a large uterus.  Also, the largest fibroid is growing on top of my uterus, which can be felt by external probing.  The top of the fibroid is right below my belly button and it’s size makes me look like I am pregnant.  My clothes have been getting tighter over the past few months and now, one week before surgery, I am only wearing elastic-waisted clothes; buttons and non-breathable waistlines in clothing REALLY bothers me.
  11. I have experienced “fibroid pain” severe enough to send me to the ER (this happened only once).
  12. I have a long menstrual cycle where I have some kind of bleeding/spotting for about 10 days of my 30-day cycle
  13. I experience minor symptoms of anemia, specifically dizziness, during my cycle

I have been feeling these symptoms for quite a while and not really understanding why.  But after doing some research, I am figuring that these symptoms are all related to my fibroids.  At least, that is what I am hoping...

I guess we’ll see if these nuances of mine dissipate after my upcoming hysterectomy.

*It turns out that the reason WHY I am not having severe anemia and heavy-duty menstrual bleeding is because of the location of where my fibroids are. They are not in the lining of my uterus, therefore more menstrual flow is not severe. My doctor told me this at my pre-op appointment.


  1. Aha.... Thank you, Dr. Robot for that extra information! (I don't know what you have dubbed him yet... Maybe I can edit this comment later. All I know is that Dr. Robot is not Dr. H or Dr. J. :-)

    I think this blog preparation has been cathartic for you, Melanie! It must feel good to put the information together and see it in a narrative form. Your symptoms have been many, and they have been going on for quite a while - you were NOT losing your mind, you just had Things that needed to be taken care of. I'm so glad that relief is on the horizon. Love you SO MUCH.

    1. I didn't meet my current surgeon until my 4th appointment... :-)