My Hysterectomy Story: The Not-So-Merry-Christmas

After I went to my second OB/GYN appointment where I discovered I had several large uterine fibroids, I shared the news with my parents and my sister.  I told them that I was going to start researching my treatment options and figuring out what the best course of action would be.  I told a small group of friends about my health so that I wouldn’t be walking around with this burden on my own.  Lemme tell you, it’s a relief to be open and tell the truth rather than hide it all inside.

Christmas was just around the corner and I had yet to finish Christmas shopping. And for those of you who usually receive Christmas cards from me: now you know why I just couldn't get them out this year!

Our homeschool-life was chaotic at best and I was very tired.  There was some drama happening in the life of my grandfather that I was also concerned about, since it directly affected his health and also the sanity of my mother.  

I just felt burdened. 

The message of Hope and Peace during Christmas 2015 was one I really needed to hear.  

Our little family ended up having a nice Christmas celebration at home.  

Patrick was planning on working the day after Christmas, which was a Saturday, and he was then going to be off the entire week between Christmas and New Years.  I spent most of Christmas Week being very busy with gift-prep, cooking, celebrations, clean-up and preparations for Christmas/travel/school/life; it takes a lot of hard work to keep a family of 6 cleaned up and well-fed!  It takes even more work over the holidays. And we were supposed to be traveling to my parent's house on the 27th, so we had to pack up our family of six for traveling!  Needless to say, daily tasks seem to be magnified during the holidays, especially with health concerns weighing on my mind.  

The day we left to head to my parents for Christmas, I was not feeling well.  I was starting to get some pains in my abdomen.  It wasn’t like my stomach was upset, but instead I had these sharp pains whenever I sat down, bent over or walked (read: pain constantly).  It also hurt to pee. I couldn’t really pin-point what the issue was, but I do know that it just hurt.  

I ended up keeping my mouth shut about how I was feeling because I didn't really want to cause worry right before a trip, but hind-sight told me I should have spoken up.  

When we got to my parents, I told Patrick that I just wasn’t feeling good and unfortunately, I kept getting worse and worse.  The pain started getting so intense that I could barely sit without it hurting badly.  We exchanged gifts and the whole time I was just trying to focus on anything but the pain, but it was very hard. I eventually had to just go to bed and lay down; the pain was getting unbearable.  Not only was I hurting, I was concerned what it could be: Appendicitis?  Bladder infection?  I was fairly certain, though, that it was this Thing in my belly.  

I ended up having a fitful night of sleep with no relief the next morning, even with some heavy-duty pain reliever Patrick gave me.  My family was starting to be concerned about me as I tried to sleep through the pain.  My husband encouraged me to call my doctor, which I did and she recommended I get to the ER if I was in so much pain.  The problem with this was that we agreed the ER in Greenville was the best decision, not the ER in my parent’s little town.  Also, we were wondering how we were going to manage me in the ER with all our kids and a helper for me! 

I didn’t want to go to the ER!  I wanted to stay and celebrate Christmas with my family! 

The decision was wearing on me.

We were supposed to spend another 2 days at my parents house.  My sister was there with her husband and nephew and I wanted to have a sweet time with them all.  We are not often all together and I was so sad that I had to face this decision.  My sister finally looked at me and said “Melanie, let me serve you by taking you to the ER.”  She had conspired a plan to drive me to Greenville, stay with me at the ER while Patrick took the kids home, fed them and settled them in after a disappointing decision to leave their grandparents’ house early.  She had arranged for her husband to stay at my parents and watch her son.  She had made all the plans for me.  We all thought it was the best decision for me to have pain relief and they all figured out the solution.  I was so grateful.

And I had no other choice except to say yes to their plan.

So we ran around, like a tornado through the plains of Oklahoma, gathering all our belongs to head back to Greenville and straight to the ER.

  • Patrick happened to bring strong pain medication on our trip, which definitely took the edge off of the intensity of what I was feeling!
  • We were still able to exchange gifts with my extended family
  • My sister created a plan and took control, which I desperately needed at this time
  • My family was super supportive and put me first in this situation, though I know there was a sense of disappointment for everyone

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  1. I was glad to help. God has spent YEARS teaching me to be a "caregiver". Thank you for letting me take you to the ER during our Christmas visit. I love you!!!!!