My Hysterectomy Story: The Second Appointment

After the disappointment of my first OB/GYN appointment, where I was hoping for a diagnosis for this mass I was feeling on my abdomen, but not getting one, I was highly anticipating my second appointment.  I was nervous about what might be discovered, but I was also ready for the knowledge of what this Thing was that I was feeling in my lower abdomen.

When I first arrived, I saw the ultrasound tech who prepped me for a vaginal ultrasound.  When she started taking pictures, she mentioned how large my uterus was and that she was finding multiple large fibroids.  I asked her about how big they were and she said that she saw 3, the largest measuring about 10cm and the other 2 measuring about 4cm.

There was a part of me that breathed a sigh of relief that the Tech was just finding fibroids and nothing else that seemed serious.  For most cases of uterine fibroids (>98%), the tumors are a benign condition; it is very rare for fibroids to be cancerous (for more information, click here).

After my visit with the Tech, I was led into an exam room, where I patiently waited for almost 45 minutes for Dr. J, my OB/GYN, to finish a surgery she was performing, review my ultrasound and give me her opinion.  When she finally arrived, she confirmed that it looks like I had several large uterine fibroids.  She also told me that my ovaries looked good, which something I was pleased to hear since I have had problems with cysts in the past.  

She was a bit concerned about my fibroids, though, because of how large they were.  You see, when a fibroid is cancerous, it grows really fast.  And at this point, she did not have my records from my former OB/GYN, Dr. H, so she could not get a base-line for how large the fibroids were back in 2009 when they were first discovered.  Since she did not know how fast they had grown, she wanted to be very careful with my case if my tumors were actually sarcomas (which confused me since I had already read that the likelihood of cancerous fibroids was very low). 

 At this point, she suggested that I consider having a hysterectomy. She was eager to see the medical records from my former OB/GYN to determine how fast the fibroids had grown since 2009, when I first knew I had a "fibrous uterus". She also wanted to order an abdominal MRI if my fibroids had doubled in size since 2009, something she could not ascertain until she received the records.  All these words were making me nervous...MRI, hysterectomy, sarcoma, CANCER... 

We ended up scheduling another appointment on December 30, 2015 to have a Pap and so that she could review my past medical records in order to make a decision about my future treatment.

I ended up leaving the doctor’s office with some answers, but a handful of more questions, too. I was nervous about what was to come with my gynecological healthcare.  I did not want to have a hysterectomy and was wondering if it was something I could avoid. I just didn’t know.

I needed to do some research.

My head was spinning with so many things regarding my health and the holidays; I was starting to feel anxiety like I never had before.


  • My suspicions were confirmed that I did have uterine fibroids, which was most likely a benign condition
  • I went in to my appointment knowledgeable of what my issues might be and was able to not over-react when the word "cancer" was mentioned
  • My OB/GYN office was on the same campus as where my husband works. I was able to immediately go over to his office and receive his hugs and support right after my appointment. NOTHING soothes more than the love and support from My People.

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