My Reward: The Fruit of my Womb

I have always wanted to be a mom:  I couldn't wait to experience what it would feel like to look into the eyes of a child who was my very own and feel that "indescribable love" that other mothers have talked about.

God allowed me to be enveloped this mother-to-child love four times over. And you know what? Those other mothers were right: this kind of love a mother has for her children is indescribable.

When I think about the miracle of life, I think about how God designed life to begin from a small part of a man and a small part of a woman, given unto each other during one of the most sacred acts two humans can perform.  More so,  He amazingly designed a woman's body to know and understand when life starts and causes it function in new ways to sustain this new life. God decided to use precious parts of a woman's body to grow and sustain the life of a baby; I'm amazed at the creativity of this whole process of making life.

God allowed me to experience this creative process four times.  I am blessed.

With this man, we were given these as precious four as our heritage:

The fruit of MY womb came these rewards.

But now God, in his perfect wisdom, has decided that four children are enough for my body to bear. God has allowed some large, benign tumors to grow in my uterus, causing me a myriad of symptoms that have produced some suffering in my health.  And after much research, wisdom from multiple doctors, and support from from family, I have decided that it is in my best interest to undergo a total hysterectomy.

My surgery is scheduled for Thursday, March 24, week from today.  I'm ready to be rid of the pain I am in, yet I don't want to undergo the process to remove the pain.  It's a dichotomy that leaves me confused most days, but by and by, I have peace about the decision to have this surgery.

I can honestly say I do not define my significance or my womanhood by these precious ladyparts I am loosing.  I am who I am because He is who He is. My uterus does not define me. Though I do not want to say goodbye to this miraculous part of me, it is time. I am hoping and praying for rejuvenation to be a stronger, better mom to the 4 rewards God has bestowed upon me:
I will be publishing my story that has led me to this place with more details as to how I discovered my gynecological issues, my symptoms and more information about what kind of surgery I am having.  It's been a long 3-month process that has left me weary and exhausted, yet hopeful and faith-filled all at the same time.

It's such a mix of raw emotion that it is hard to explain in words.

I do ask you to pray for me.  And further, I ask you to let me know that you are praying for me.  I would appreciate your care, concern and support during this time in my life.  I can't admit that I have no fear; sometimes I am overwhelmed by the fear of the surgery and the ever-after of it, but I have heard so many success stories of life-post-hysterectomy that I remain hopeful at my recovery.

Please text me, write me, message me, love on me.  Also, read my story and share it with others who may be helped when facing a health crisis such as mine.

I would so appreciate it.

In the meantime, remember that there is goodness in the winter of life: spring promises new beginnings.  This is ringing true to me this year.


  1. I continue to pray for you, sweet sister. May God give you strength, peace, wisdom and grace as you finish pre-op procedures with your doctor and your family. Healing is coming! Love you so much.

  2. Prayers coming your way girl - and such a beautiful perspective you have on this trial. Hugs...

  3. Thank you, Amanda and Brandy!!! God has already answered tons of prayers. Thanks for the hugs and prayers.

  4. praying for you, Melanie. thank you so much for sharing your story, it is a blessing to see and learn from your faith and wisdom in action. the Lord continue to give you of His supernatural strength, healing, peace and joy in the journey of life (the good, the bad and the crazy). He is in control and He is good. sooo thankful for this wonderful truth! <3 love you girlie ((hugs))

    1. Thank you, Tammy! I appreciate your words.